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$________ Motor vehicle negligence - Rear end collision - Cervical herniation - Aggravation of soft tissue neck and back injuries sustained in MVA approximately five years earlier - No income claims - Damages only.

Hudson County, NJ

Liability was stipulated in this rear end collision case. The plaintiff, 45 at the time of the accident and 48 at trial, contended that she suffered a herniation at C5-6 that was confirmed by MRI, and which will cause permanent pain and weakness.

The plaintiff had sustained soft tissue cervical and lumbar soft tissue sprains and strains in a ________ accident and contended that she had been asymptomatic for more than a year until the subject collision occurred. The plaintiff maintained that this collision caused an aggravation and she will permanently experience increased pain and limitations. The plaintiff underwent three cervical epidural injections.

The defendant denied that the plaintiff suffered a permanent injury as a result of the subject accident or that she met the verbal threshold. The defendant maintained that any difficulties were related to the prior accident and/or degenerative disc disease.

The jury was aware that the prior accident resulted in a claim and a $________ recovery by the plaintiff. The plaintiff also maintained that the jury should consider that after the prior collision, she went for an MRI that was negative.

The plaintiff lost no time from her managerial/supervisor’s job.

The jury found for the plaintiff and awarded $________.

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