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Hudson County

The plaintiff contended that the glass rim of the CRT used in her personal computer monitor was defectively manufactured, resulting in an implosion which caused a short circuit which in turn caused a fire that resulted in extensive damage to the contents of her apartment including artwork, clothing, a library of numerous books and stereo equipment. Damages were not before the jury in this bifurcated case. The plaintiff was outside of the apartment standing by her car when the incident occurred while the computer was on.

The plaintiff’s computer monitor expert contended that the implosion would not occur in the absence of a defect such as a hairline crack. The plaintiff’s fire expert contended that the burn patterns established that the fire originated inside the monitor. The defendant’s engineer/fire expert denied that such a conclusion could be drawn and contended that any implosion would not create a fire which would last sufficiently long to spread as claimed. The defendant also introduced evidence that a determination had been made by the fire marshal that the fire may well have started in the computer keyboard which was not manufactured by the defendant. The plaintiff’s fire expert maintained that the patterns showed that the fire had, in fact, started in the monitor and not the keyboard. The jury found for the plaintiff. Damages were stipulated at $________, but the defendant has filed post-trial motions on liability. Karpova vs. Fountain Technologies, Inc., et al. Docket no. W-________-89; Joseph T. Ryan, 9-17-92. Attorney for plaintiff: George Sommers; Attorney for defendant: Louis J. Lamatina. Plaintiff’s fire expert: Ralph Snavely from William Alvine Assoc. in Landing, N.J.

Plaintiff’s computer expert: Alexander M. Reid of Scientific p 7 3 Devices in Ridgefield Park. Defendant’s fire expert: J. David Calvert from Fords, N.J.

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