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$________ Bus negligence - Plaintiff pedestrian struck by left turning bus - Closed head injury - Neuropsychological deficits - 79-year-old plaintiff loses ability to live independently.

Bergen County, NJ

The 79-year-old plaintiff pedestrian contended that as he was crossing in the crosswalk, the defendant bus driver, who was making a left turn from in front of him, negligently failed to make adequate observations, striking him. The plaintiff related that he had no memory of the collision because of the head trauma. The defendant maintained that his left turn signal was activated and that the plaintiff was clearly comparatively negligent.

The plaintiff would have countered, through the presentation of an independent eyewitness, who was operating a car that was facing the defendant. The witness would have indicated that the turn signal was not activated and that the defendant appeared to drive directly into the plaintiff as he was crossing.

The plaintiff maintained that he suffered a closed head trauma that left him with neuropsychological deficits involving memory and concentration. The plaintiff contended that the deficits are permanent in nature. The plaintiff maintained that prior to the incident; he was able to live independently. The plaintiff contended that he no longer can do so and moved in with his daughter.

The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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