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Lemon Law action - Alleged transmission problems in ________ Chrysler ________ - Car returned to dealer eight times for repairs.

Philadelphia County, PA

The plaintiff in this lemon law action complained of a continuing transmission problem in her new ________ Chrysler ________. The defendant car manufacturer, Chrysler Group LLC, denied that the plaintiff’s vehicle exhibited a transmission problem as alleged. The plaintiff dismissed her federal Magnuson Moss claim shortly before trial.

The plaintiff testified that, immediately after taking possession of her new car, she began to experience transmission problems. The plaintiff described five major incidents in which the car almost stalled, jumped, jerked and bucked due to the claimed defect in the transmission. Records indicated that the plaintiff returned the vehicle to the defendant’s dealership a total of eight times for transmission complaints. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant did not successfully repair the problem.

The plaintiff had previously sued the defendant under the lemon law, settled the case and kept the vehicle at issue, according to testimony heard at trial. The defense argued that the plaintiff had called the defendant the second time her ________ Chrysler ________ was returned to the dealer and had threatened another lemon law suit The defendant’s automotive expert testified that he test drove and inspected the plaintiff’s ________ Chrysler ________ and found no defect in the transmission. The defendant’s expert also testified that the vehicle was connected to nine diagnostic computers, no trouble codes were noted and no repairs were made. Defense counsel stressed that the plaintiff did not call an automotive expert to confirm the alleged transmission defect.

The jury found no substantial impairment of use, value or safety in the vehicle and a defense verdict was entered.

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