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Alleged violations of Pennsylvania's Lemon Law - Breach of Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act - Claimed steering defect in ________ Chrysler Jeep Patriot.

Philadelphia County, PA

The plaintiff asserted claims against the defendant, Chrysler LLC, under Pennsylvania’s Lemon Law and the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The plaintiff claimed that he purchased a ________ Jeep Patriot which contained a steering defect that could not be corrected after several attempts. The defendant denied that the car was defective and maintained that the steering functioned normally.

The plaintiff contended that the steering of his Chrysler Jeep pulled to one side and made the vehicle difficult to drive. The plaintiff’s auto mechanic confirmed that the steering on the vehicle was defective. Evidence showed that the vehicle had been back to the defendant’s dealer several times, and the tires had been balanced. The plaintiff claimed that the steering problem was not corrected by the dealer.

The plaintiff’s mechanic opined that the value of the Jeep, in its defective condition, was reduced by approximately $________. The plaintiffs sought a rescission of the sales contract, or in the alternative, $________ in damages plus attorney fees and costs.

The defendant’s technicians and service manager testified that they drove the plaintiff’s vehicle several times and could not reproduce the steering complaints voiced by the plaintiff. The defendant’s auto expert testified that he also road tested the jeep in question, filmed the road test and found that the steering performed normally.

The case was tried as a bench trial with a verdict for the defendant on all counts.

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