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: $________ - Products Liability Products Liability - Soccer Goal - Boy Crushed To Death - Wrongful Death - - Recreation - Juveniles - Schools

Prince William County

Facts: A settlement was reached for $________ after a 10 year old soccer player was killed when a soccer goal fell on him. Plaintiff alleged the design was negligent and the goal was not properly anchored, resulting in the goal falling over on the boy.

Plaintiff’s decedent, Hayden ______, was at a soccer field at ________ ____ ______ in __________ on May 7, ________. A ________ pound soccer goal fell on him and killed him. Defendant ______ _________ had manufactured the soccer goal, which was a ______ model ________ portable soccer goal. Defendant _______ and ____, Inc. was the general contractor in charge of construction of the school. Defendant ______ ____ and _________ was hired to assemble the portable soccer goals.

Plaintiff alleged that the goal in question was prone to tip easily in that it was extremely top heavy and had a narrow back stay. Plaintiff argued that the architect, Defendant ____, failed to conduct any research into portable soccer goals, but did select that the goal be furnished with portable anchors. These anchors consisted of augers that were screwed into the ground and chained to the back stay of the goal to secure it. Plaintiff argued that Defendants ____, Shockey, Modern ____ and the school failed to determine that the goals were assembled without the anchors. Plaintiff also sued ______ ______ ______ __________, United ______ _____ ______ ___________, Virginia _____ ______ ___________, Old ________ ______ ______ and ____ _____ _____ ______ ___________ for failing to educate, train, supervise and warn concerning the dangers of portable soccer goals. Plaintiff noted that the ________ _______ ______ __________ published guidelines in ________ for portable/movable soccer goals. The guidelines stated that portable goals should be properly secured with anchors and bags and should be designed adequately to include counterweighting into the actual design of the goal itself.

Defendants contended that the soccer goal contained warnings regarding the need to anchor the goals and for children not to climb on the goals. Defendants also noted that the goal had been used for approximately four years without serious incident at the time of ______’s death. One of ______’s teammates testified that he saw ______ hanging and swinging on the subject goal prior to it tipping and at least one of his coaches testified that he had previously warned ______ several times about climbing or swinging on the soccer goal.

Defendant ____ _____ _____ ______ ___________ filed a third party action against the athletic director and junior varsity soccer coach for _________ ____, both of whom assisted in the set up of the soccer field the day of ______’s death. The third party defendants both claimed immunity for their conduct as school employees.

Alleged Injury: Blunt force trauma, resulting in death.

Jury Deliberations: SETTLEMENT EFFORTS:

Editor’s Notes: Per plaintiff’s counsel, this case was complicated by the fact that the soccer entities all claimed charitable immunity. Counsel said the charity plea hearing was set prior to trial and was not resolved at the time of mediation. Plaintiff’s counsel reported that mediation failed and plaintiff began settling with the defendants individually.

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