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$________ Landlord/tenant - Failure to pay residential rent for seven-month period - Accrual of late fees per lease agreement.

Delaware County, PA

The plaintiff landlord brought this action, alleging that the defendant tenants breached an apartment lease by failing to pay rent for some seven months. The defendants argued that the plaintiff refused to make necessary repairs to the unit.

The plaintiff and defendants entered into a lease agreement in June of ________ for property located on Tilghman Street in the City of Chester. The lease provided that the tenants would pay $________ per month in rent plus a $________ security deposit. The lease also outlined a $25 monthly late fee for the late payment of rent.

In October, ________, the defendants complained of roof leaks, a clogged kitchen sink and a non-functional light fixture in the basement. They requested that the City of Chester, Department of Public Safety, Bureau of License and Inspections inspect the property. The deficiencies were listed in the inspection report and the plaintiff was directed to repair or replace the lower rear roof, drain the kitchen sink and fix the basement light fixture. The inspector reported that the plaintiff had fixed all of the deficiencies by the end of November, ________. The defendants failed to pay their monthly rent until they moved out of the property on July 3, ________.

The case was tried as a bench trial. The court found that the defendants breached the lease agreement when they failed to pay the rent from December ________ to June ________. The court awarded the plaintiff $________ in damages. The award included $________ in back rent ($________ x 7 months) plus late fees of $________ ($25 x 6 months) less credit for the defendants $________ security deposit.

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