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Country club negligence - Plaintiff guest at Bat Mitzvah allegedly "hip checked" by MC attempting to encourage guests to dance - ACL tear - Liability only.

Nassau County, NY

The plaintiff guest at a Bat Mitzvah contended that as she was transitioning from the cocktail room to the room housing the reception, she encountered the MC who was bouncing into people in an apparent attempt to get them more into the flow of the party. The plaintiff maintained that the MC suddenly turned his body to the left to walk in a different direction when he was immediately next to her and "hip checked" her, resulting in her falling into an adjacent post. The plaintiff’s sister, who was present, supported her version. The defendant denied that the MC had any contact with the plaintiff or that her description of the manner in which the accident occurred should be accepted.

The defendant maintained that the plaintiff fell later in the evening when dancing. The defendant pointed to the emergency room records which contained this description and which made no mention of contact with the MC.

The jury found for the defendant.

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