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$________ Bailment - Dog contracts respiratory disease while in custody of kennel - Death of five-year-old Rottweiler - Damages only.

Broward County, FL

This was a bailment action brought by the owner of a Rottweiler which the plaintiff claimed died as a result of a respiratory disease contracted while the animal was in the care of the defendant kennel. The defendant was in default and did not appear at trial. Accordingly, the case was heard on the issue of damages only.

The plaintiff testified that she boarded her two Rottweilers at the defendant’s kennel in Pompano Beach, The Dog House, over a Memorial Day weekend. When the dogs came home, the plaintiff alleged that they were both sick with a respiratory illness. The plaintiff sought veterinary treatment for the animals, but the youngest, age five at the time, died from the respiratory disease which the plaintiff claimed it contracted at the defendant’s kennel.

The jury awarded the plaintiff $________ in damages.

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