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CONFIDENTIAL Product liability - Dangerous/Defective design - Shattered tempered glass from passenger window blinded the plaintiff.

Los Angeles County, California

In this product liability matter, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant was negligent in placing tempered glass in the passenger windows of its Yukon vehicle which created a dangerous condition if the glass shattered. The plaintiff was blinded from glass shards. The defendant denied the allegations.

On July 7, ________, the male plaintiff was a passenger in a GMC Yukon motor vehicle manufactured by the defendant. The vehicle made a left turn and was struck on the right passenger side. As a result of the collision, the glass in the passenger window shattered. The plaintiff who was restrained was struck in the eye by flying glass shards. As a result, glass shards became embedded in the plaintiff’s eye, blinding him.

The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant, alleging that the design and material used in the window was defective and dangerous. The plaintiff maintained that the defendant used tempered glass in the window. When the collision occurred, the glass shattered and injured the plaintiff. The plaintiff contended that the defendant should have used a laminated glass which would not have shattered so easily and would have prevented the injury sustained by the plaintiff. The defendant denied the allegations and disputed that the tempered glass was dangerous.

The parties agreed to settle the plaintiff’s claim for a confidential amount prior to trial. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

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