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$________ Slip and fall on icy parking lot owned by defendant hockey arena - Failure to undertake reasonable measures to safeguard the parking lot - Bimalleolar fracture of left ankle.

Androscoggin County, Maine

This action arose out of a slip and fall accident which occurred in the outdoor parking area of the defendant hockey arena. The plaintiff contended that the parking lot was covered in a sheet of ice and that the defendant owner of the premises had failed to undertake reasonable steps to minimize the danger for the benefit of arena patrons and other invitees.

The plaintiff testified that he and his son were on the way to the Boston Bruins Old Timers hockey game when he slipped and fell in the parking lot where he had been directed to leave his car. The plaintiff called several fact witnesses to confirm that the parking lot was extremely icy on the day of the plaintiff’s accident. The plaintiff additionally offered evidence that a number of complaints about the excessively icy condition of the parking lot had been made to the defendant during the course of the day.

Over the defendant’s objection, the plaintiff was additionally permitted to offer evidence of complaints made about the icy condition of the parking lot on several other occasions prior to the subject fall.

The plaintiff’s evidence demonstrated that the defendant had not sanded the parking lot for five days prior to the day of the plaintiff’s accident. The plaintiff argued that the defendant’s failure in this regard was completely unreasonable.

The defendant denied liability and contended that it was unreasonable to expect that the defendant could completely safeguard the parking lot during the winter in Maine, where snow and ice are a daily fact of life.

The plaintiff’s orthopedic expert testified that the plaintiff suffered a bimalleolar fracture to the left ankle as a result of the fall and was required to undergo open reduction surgery. The plaintiff’s orthopedic surgeon assigned a 15% permanent partial disability to the left lower extremity as a result of the subject injury. The plaintiff claimed medical specials of approximately $________ and lost wages of approximately $________.

The jury found for the plaintiff and returned a verdict of $________.

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