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________ VERDICT FOLLOWED BY SETTLEMENT IN THE AMOUNT OF $________ PURSUANT TO PREVIOUS HIGH/LOW AGREEMENT Failure to warn - Inadequate warnings and instructions allegedly provided by former owner/"casual manufacturer" of machine - Strict products liability count, addressing alleged inadequate guarding, stricken on motion by ________ - ________ machine operator suffers traumatic amputation of arm drawn into in- running nip point on cigarette paper machine.
Columbia County, New York (7262)
$________ VERDICT Wrongful death - Decedent assembly line worker suffers fatal injuries when leaning head first inside packaging machine - The machine unexpectedly cycles through operation, catching the decedent in an unguarded pinch point.
Cook County, Illinois (6542)
$________ RECOVERY Products Liability - Defective power wheelchair - Disabled minor ________ suffers fractures to both arms when wheelchair rolls off ramp and overturns.
Worcester County, Massachusetts (5740)
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