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________ VERDICT Product Liability – Defective design of bottle child safety lock – Child lock maker is sued after child drinks drain cleaner – Damage to esophagus, trachea, larynx and lungs.
U.S. District Court - Northern District of Texas (189936)
U.S. District Court Western District Austin, Texas, TX (175584)
Verdict: $________ less 50% comparative negligence yielded a net verdict of $________ against KMart Corp. and Baby Trend, Inc. Breakdown: $________ to each parent. - Products Liability Products Liability - Playpen Design - Wrongful Death - Juveniles
Macomb County (113934)
$________ Recovery – Car dealership negligence – Failure to drug test employees – Employee car salesman operating vehicle during test drive while under the influence of marijuana causes collision injuring the ________ customer – Fractured arm – Multiple surgeries.
Missouri (47081)
$________ RECOVERY - Swimming pool failed to have safety float line to differentiate and mark depth change in pool - 17-year-old girl suffers near drowning - Permanent anoxic brain injury resulting in permanent vegetative state.
King County, Washington (43331)
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