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Profile: Larry Marine

Intuitive Design Group
Phone: (800) 977-4566

Larry Marine is well known and highly regarded in the user-experience field. He has been involved in usability and user-experience design consulting since 1990 and has written many articles for various trade publications over the years.

He recently co-authored a chapter in the new PDMA ToolBook 3 with Dr. Chad McAllister. The chapter describes Larry's renowned process that objectively quantifies new product opportunities and aligns the business and user needs to provide a product that meets or exceeds the business objectives while also serving the needs of the target market.


Mr. Marine earned his Cognitive Science degree at UC San Diego under the tutelage of the father of usability, Dr. Don Norman.

He most recently earned his New Product Development Professional certification, a rigorous product management curriculum sponsored by the Product Development Management Association.
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Area(s) of Expertise

  • Web sites
  • Web applications
  • Thin clients
  • Thick clients
  • Software
  • Touch screen

  • Medical
  • Financial
  • e-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Enterprise
  • Commercial
  • Consumer