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Profile: Jerry Sullivan

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Linden, CA 95236
Phone: (650) 722-8529

Jerry Sullivan of JSCPM provides investigative analysis, reports, and depositions of construction defects and accidents of site and building projects. He has a BS engineering, and 45 years of hands-on experience in supervising and management of site, infrastructure, building construction, and working within the legal field. JSCPM was formed in 1993 as a CM and PM company, and is licensed in California as a General Contractor for Engineering and Building construction. JSCPM is currently providing general and construction management expertise to an expanding fisheries business, and project management oversight to a financial company providing funding for multimillion dollar projects in Central and South America.

Sullivan’s expertise includes standards of construction, management, conformance to plans – specifications, and safety issues. He has had 15 years of experience as manager of design and construction for owners, including the selection and management of all project consultants. He has provided both Project Management for owners and Construction Management for construction companies. He has been selected as a consultant and expert on many cases involving construction defects and accidents. Many of his cases involved construction accidents that occurred in the construction and demolition of buildings, and site projects. Four of these cases involved fatalities. Jerry Sullivan provides expertise to attorneys in several states.


  • BS - San Jose State University - Engineering
  • Continued education in courses relating to general business management, project management, engineering, architecture, computer science and programs, computerized scheduling, estimating, interactive cost accounting. Spreadsheets, other computer programs applicable to construction work. Jerry has received extensive Real Estate studies including subjects pertaining to appraisals and evaluations, with emphasis on project funding. Additional studies included legal courses particularly in litigation avoidance, preparation of plans and specifications, CCRs and Design Guidelines, contract writing, and courses from surety companies. Jerry’s expertise with estimate spreadsheet and financial programs promoted the development of a spreadsheet program for commercial investment and funding.
  • Licenses in the State of California: General Engineering Contractor (A), General Building Contractor (B)
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Area(s) of Expertise

  • Construction and Building Projects
  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Cause and Repair of Construction Defects
  • Cost of Repairs of Defects of Construction Work
  • Management or Supervision of Construction for Site, Infrastructure, and Buildings
  • Detailed Estimates of All Areas of Construction Including Subtrades
  • Constructability Review of Plans and Specifications