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Profile: Captain Arlen Leiner, MMS/AMS

AAC Marine Group, Inc.
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Captain A. Leiner, MMS/AMS, is available to provide expert witness testimony in marine litigation involving vessels of any size or type. He is qualified to analyze evidence, form a professional opinion, and communicate his findings to a jury. He has been called upon for expert witness testimony in numerous marine litigation cases involving marine surveys, damages, injuries, and deaths, non-performance on warranties, product liability manufacturing faults, as well as divorce and estate settlements. He is an Accredited Marine Surveyor, Master Marine Surveyor, and has an engineering degree from the University of Toledo. He is trained for MARPOL, SOLAS, and IMO. He has performed marine surveys and inspections worldwide for decades.

A Marine Surveyor's services are necessary for litigation in many different situations, which require an expert evaluation of any vessel's value or seaworthiness. Surveys for making damage claims, negotiating divorce settlements, insurance settlements, non-performance on warranties, product liability manufacturing faults, and claims disputes are just a few among the many situations in which the services of Accredited Marine Surveyors are retained. Accredited Marine Surveyors possess the expertise to inspect all types and sizes of vessels constructed of various materials for purposes such as freight, passenger, commercial fishing, sailing, and racing.

In the past ten years, Captain Leiner has appeared at numerous depositions and trials in state and federal court. In addition, each damage and casualty survey must be prepared in a way that Captain Leiner can defend his findings in a court of law.


Captain A. Leiner graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Engineering/ Diesel/ Hydraulics/ Fluid Mechanics. Captain Leiner has been providing yacht and vessel thermal imaging and inspection services through his company, AAC Marine Group, Inc. in Florida, Caribbean, Central America, South America and Europe.

AAC Marine Group, Inc., in the person of Capt. Leiner, is authorized directly by the Polski Rejestr Statków (PRS), a European Notified Body No. 1463, to conduct inspections and examinations of new construction boats, marine equipment and post construction boats in the CE certification process capped with the PRS certificate of conformity with EU Directives both nationally and internationally.


Area(s) of Expertise

AAC Marine Group, Inc. provides Expert Services for all areas of Marine Litigation, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Accident and fraud investigation
  • Insurance
  • Marine surveys
  • Marine damages
  • Marine injuries and deaths
  • Marine non-performance on warranties
  • Marine product liability
  • Marine manufacturing faults
  • Divorce and estate settlements
  • Marine craft appraisal
  • Boat building, operating, inspection
  • Recreational, commercial charter, and fishing vessel safety
  • Sail, power, race, mufti hull vessels
  • Risk disaster
  • Salvage,
  • Marine repair
  • Engine, hull, moisture, corrosion Analysis
  • Fishing, sport fish, houseboats, pontoon, trailers, 1/0, gas diesel, freight, gas, diesel, sea trails

Thermal imaging:
  • Industrial Manufacturing - facilities and plants
  • Commercial - office buildings, retail stores, malls
  • Institutional - colleges and universities, hospitals
  • Government Buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • National or Internationally
  • NDT Audio Gauging