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Profile: Charles D. Roush, Jr.

Transportation Safety Specialist
1314-B Center Drive #450
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: 541-779-0688
Fax: 541-773-9835

TSS and Mr. Roush serve the legal community by assisting attorneys in understanding the complexities of Federal and state motor carrier rules and regulations and the complexities of carrier operations and identification, by reviewing cases to ascertain regulation violations, carrier violations and driver violations, and by providing testimony, where necessary, in state and Federal courts throughout the United States.

Mr. Roush is a nationally certified Safety Supervisor by the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) and has lectured on the broad subjects of safety and compliance as they relate to motor carrier fleets. He is also a commercial motor vehicle accident avoidance instructor and a licensed commercial motor vehicle operator, having started operating heavy motor vehicles over 20 years ago. Before beginning his consulting career, Mr. Roush was employed by Knight Transportation, Inc., a major U.S. carrier, which has built a strong reputation for safety in the motor carrier industry. Immediately prior to leaving Knight, Mr. Roush was its fleet training manager, responsible for reviewing, updating and authoring materials for the training program, and for training new drivers and driver trainers. His duties during his tenure at Knight included safety, operations and training, as well as dispatching, fleet management and scheduling.

Mr. Roush has been retained by over 100 lawyers and law firms,  representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and has testified in several states regarding a wide variety of trucking issues.

Mr. Roush possesses a rare combination of expertise in highway safety for the motor carrier industry and the practical legal knowledge necessary for compliance with state and federal regulations. Mr. Roush has improved public safety on the nation's highways as an educator and fleet safety director, and as an expert witness in state and federal courts across the country. In addition, Mr. Roush has considerable understanding of motor carrier equipment and maintenance requirements along with expertise in the safe transport of hazardous and radiological materials in accordance with the FMCSR and HMR. In areas beyond his expertise, Mr. Roush will gladly provide references to professionals in other fields from a network of recognized experts.


1. Discuss the case informally with the attorney to determine whether there are issues on which we can assist.

2. Review documents produced to date to form preliminary opinions, and auditing of documents produced. For example, the original Request for Production in a case can be compared to production to indicate documents not produced which should be in existence.

3. Assist in gathering pertinent information about the driver, carrier, vehicles and the trip in question which may not have been produced or requested. Mr. Roush can provide assistance with interrogatories, additional requests for documents or a Motion to Compel when necessary. He audits and explains the motor carrier documents produced with regard to their true meaning and applicability to a given occurrence. He can assist in establishing the existence of tracking devices such as GPS or Qualcomm communications, fueling data such as ComData cards, ECMs, Black Boxes and etc. along with recovering and interpreting the data from these systems and devices.

4. Analyze evidence such as documentation and testimony which may be used to accomplish time reconstructions relative to a driver's hours of service and evaluation of a driver's and/or motor carrier's state of compliance with the FMCSR, hazardous materials regulations and industry standards. Additionally, all involved motor carriers can be identified beyond simple livery, STB/DOT reports can be obtained and FOIA demand letters can be formulated to secure past records on a motor carrier relative to safety and compliance status within the motor carrier industry. This information includes past punitive actions, safety rating at the time of an accident and documents indicating past enforcement audits listing past violations, civil forfeitures and federal court actions.

5. Assist with driver or motor carrier representative questions customized to a particular occurrence for use in deposition. If necessary, Mr. Roush is available to be present at depositions in serious or complicated matters where a consultant can offer immediate knowledge and assistance to counsel.

6. Evaluate and explain the evidence and facts during and after the discovery process with advice afforded to counsel both positive and negative. It should be noted on many occasions Mr. Roush participates only as an evaluative consultant to counsel.

7. Render deposition testimony at locations designated by his clients throughout North America as necessary or in Medford, Oregon if desired. In the event trial testimony is required, Mr. Roush will, of course, be available to offer expert testimony.


Scottsdale Community College - George Washington University – Core Liberal Arts

Mr. Roush has lengthy and strong experience in the safe performance of dangerous or potentially dangerous tasks and as an educator of the people assigned to perform those tasks safely. He has acted as a military and Fleet Training Manager on multiple subjects with direct application to commercial fleet safety.

Highlights of his Naval work history:

October 2008 to Present - Transportation Consultant, Instructor, and Research Analyst on Motor Carrier/Fleet Safety and Compliance – Transportation Safety Specialist – TSS

July 2003 to October 2008 - Transportation Consultant, Instructor, and Research Analyst on Motor Carrier/Fleet Safety and Compliance – The SALT Institute.

June 2002 to July 2003 - Fleet Training Manager – Knight Transportation, Phoenix, Arizona – Reviewed, subsequently updated, and authored new materials for the training program; Managed the recruiting and training of new drivers as well as driver trainers. Performed duties in the Safety, Operations, and Training departments including dispatch, fleet management and load scheduling inclusive of brokered loads.

  • NATMI – Certified Motor Fleet Safety Supervisor – 2003
  • Master Training Specialist – 1999
  • Oregon Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with doubles, triples, tank vehicle, passenger and school bus endorsements and motorcycle endorsement.

  • Member – North American Training Management Institute (NATMI)
  • Member - American Trucking Association (ATA)
  • Member - Arizona Trucking Association (ATA, formerly AMTA) - Safety Supervisor’s Council
  • Member – Texas Motor Transportation Association (TMTA)
  • Member – Association of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
  • Member – National Safety Council (NSC)
  • Judge – United States Team Penning Association (USTPA)

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) compliance

    • Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) compliance

      • DOT compliance and inspections

        • State safety and hazardous materials compliance regulations compliance

          • Carrier violations

            • Driver violations

              • Interstate or intrastate trucking, lighter trucking, buses or motor fleets