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Attorney(s) for Plaintiff:
Jonathan P. Holtz, Esq.
Bramnick Rodriguez Grabas Arnold & Mangan, LLC

$1,175,000 COMBINED VERDICT – $1,236,335 FINAL JUDGMENT – Motor vehicle negligence – Rear end collision – Plaintiff siblings struck in rear – Lumbar herniations and bulges – Chiropractic care – No income claims – Damages only.

Middlesex County, NJ

Liability was stipulated in this motor vehicle negligence case in which the plaintiffs, including a 25-year-old sister/driver and 19-year-old brother/passenger were struck in the rear while stopped at a traffic light.

The plaintiff driver maintained that she suffered two cervical herniations, two cervical bulges, one lumbar herniation, and one lumbar bulge. The plaintiff passenger maintained that he sustained two lumbar herniations. The plaintiffs alleged that they will suffer permanent symptoms despite a course of chiropractic treatments.

The sister/driver, who is employed as an administrative assistant in an acupuncture office, contended that she works despite extensive pain and limitations. The brother/passenger is a dog groomer and asserted that working is painful as well.

The defendant denied that either plaintiff met the verbal threshold and asserted that their injuries were all degenerative in nature. The plaintiff countered that neither plaintiff had prior symptoms or treatment, and asserted that in view of their age, the defense position should clearly be rejected.

The plaintiff also argued that the jury should consider that the driver will experience 51 years of pain and suffering and the passenger 58 years. The jury awarded $750,000 to the driver and $425,000 to the passenger for a combined verdict of $1,175,000. The final total judgment was $1,236,335.

Plaintiff's orthopedic surgeon expert: Steven Nehmer, MD from Union, NJ. Defendant's orthopedic surgeon expert: Louis Bouillon, MD from Dover, NJ.

Silvestre-Oseida v. Sesay. Docket no. MID-L-5977-17; Judge Philip Lewis Paley, 08-15-19.

Attorney for plaintiff: Jonathan P. Holtz, Esq. of Bramnick Rodriguez Grabas Arnold & Mangan, LLC in Scotch Plains, NJ.

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