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$________ AWARD Consumer Fraud – Chapter 93A violation – Contractor builds deficient house – Fails to inform homeowners of lack of experience – Breach of contract.
Middlesex County, MA (186885)
________ VERDICT ON COUNTERCLAIM Contract – Alleged diversion of business from former company – Claimed breach of fiduciary duty – Loss of business profits.
Miami-Dade County, FL (187123)
$________ VERDICT Contract – Breach – Publishing services company sues for unpaid phone book ads – $________ in damages.
U.S.D.C. - Central District of California (187215)
________’ VERDICT Fraud – Negligent misrepresentation of disclosing problems with the foundation/slab and water penetration in the home – Actual and punitive damages.
164th (187514)
________ VERDICT Fraud – Fraudulent misrepresentation in sale of vending machine business – Inflation of business income figures – Breach of non-competition agreement – Post-trial setting aside of fraud/misrepresentation counts.
Palm Beach County, FL (185462)
$________ VERDICT Contract – Consumer Fraud Act – Condo owners sue after new construction disrupts their view of the Manhattan Skyline – $________ million in damages.
Superior Court of Hudson County (185681)
$________ VERDICT Contract – Fraud – Marketing firm sues after pen company uses their work on ad ideas without paying – Punitive damages.
Superior Court of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County (185725)
$________ VERDICT Contract – ________ alleges that the ________ breached the parties' sales contract – Fraud – Unjust enrichment.
USDC Eastern District of Missouri (185726)
$________ VERDICT Construction Contract – Breach of contract – Section 93A violation – ________ fails to make renovations and construct pergola in a competent and professional manner.
Barnstable County, MA (185813)
________ JUDGMENT Contract – Indemnification agreement on commercial property – Fraud alleged by purchaser against seller of commercial real estate regarding building code violations.
Suffolk County, MA (185851)