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$________ VERDICT Government liability Negligent operation of sheriffs vehicle Failure to stop for stop sign Aggravation of preexisting back condition 40% comparative negligence found.
Highlands County (142670)
$________ VERDICT Government liability - Erosion of creek bed caused by township's repair of sewer lines - Construction of retaining wall required.
Allegheny County (140154)
$________ VERDICT INCLUDING DELAY DAMAGES Governmental liability - Failure of township to maintain storm water drain pipe - Flooding of ________ property - Loss of personal property - Diminution in property value.
Allegheny County (140155)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Action by developer for release of escrow funds held by township - Alleged violation of Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.
Delaware County (139834)
$________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Negligence of teacher in restraining student - Humerus fracture to 11-year-old girl - Damages only.
Miami-Dade County (140046)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Alleged dangerous road condition - Motorcycle allegedly hits depression around manhole cover - ________ passenger thrown from motorcycle - Shoulder fracture.
Hillsborough County (140047)
________ VERDICT Premises liability - Slip and fall on ice - Governmental liability - Failure to remove ice and snow from street - Fractured ankle - Lower back injuries.
Hartford County, Connecticut (139056)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Negligent operation of police vehicle - Red light/green light - Wrongful death of driver - Injuries to two passengers - Liability only.
Palm Beach County (139801)
________ VERDICT Government liability - Alleged negligent operation of motor vehicle by police officer - Rear end collision - Torn rotator cuff.
Broward County (138931)
$________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Negligent snow plowing - Snow pushed off overpass - Lumbar disc bulges with radiculopathy - Damages/causation only.
Philadelphia County (139681)