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$________ RECOVERY Negligent Security – ________ is overtaken by partygoers at club and falls into concrete wall – Fractured neck – Quadriplegia.
Cook County, IL (185646)
$________ RECOVERY Negligent Supervision – Failure to properly screen employees – Failure to prevent removal of guns from manufacturing facility – ________ decedent is shot and killed by gun stolen by ________ employee from work – Wrongful death of 26-year-old father.
Worcester County, MA (185921)
$________ VERDICT Negligent security - ________ tavern patron is attacked by drunk patrons with broken beer bottle - Punctured lung - Lacerations to arm - Radial nerve damage - Lost income alleged.
Plymouth County, MA (182819)
UNDISCLOSED ________ VERDICT Negligent security - ________ bar fails to provide adequate security resulting in a physical assault on the ________ - Four days in intensive care - Punctured lung - Multiple lacerations - Permanently reduced function in hand.
Plymouth County, MA (182820)
$________ RECOVERY Negligent security - Negligent use of excessive force in choke-hold by security personnel - Respiratory distress - Eventual myocardial infarction resulting in death.
Allegheny County, PA (182916)
________ VERDICT Negligent Security - ________ run over by assailants outside after bar fight - Severed left leg.
Bexar County, Texas (182787)
$________ GROSS VERDICT INCLUDING $________ PUNITIVE DAMAGE AWARD Negligent security - ________ patron is attacked in the parking lot by a fellow patron - Fractured nose, deviated septum - Right eye hemorrhage.
Fairfield County, CT (182319)
$________ for ________ - Negligent Security - A third-year law student from Tulane was brutally beaten by a rogue security guard at a Nashville night spot ? the law student (and later a government lawyer in Texas) alleged the bar encouraged a raucous atmosphere fueled by alcohol where fights were encouraged
Davidson (185017)
$________ RECOVERY VS ________ TAVERN Negligent Security – Failure of tavern to eject assailant after initial incident where assailant confronts ________ onstage – Several minutes later assailant pulls ________ bar stool from under her, resulting in her falling to floor and assailant pulling her arm up forcefully – Multiple injuries to dominant shoulder – Two arthroscopic surgeries – Court subsequently enters $________ default judgment against assailant.
Ocean County, NJ (183897)
________ VERDICT Negligent security - 15 minutes after tavern fight, defaulting assailant returns with gun, shoots and kills other patron, and wounds ________ bystander - Abdominal gunshot wound.
Monmouth County, NJ (182106)
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