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$________ VERDICT Bus Negligence – Bus drives off the roadway and onto a sidewalk, causing ________ to be thrown about the interior of the bus – Wrist and thumb sprain – Headaches – Exacerbation of preexisting heart condition.
Allegheny County, PA (188182)
$________ VERDICT Bus Negligence – ________ host driver and ________ bus traveling in opposite directions at an intersection when ________ bus driver turns left in front of host driver – Crush injury to hip requiring multiple surgeries including hip replacement – Multiple rib fractures.
Allegheny County, PA (187849)
$________ VERDICT Transit Authority Liability – Two ________ injured when ________ Transit Company’s bus loses power and rolls down a hill into a retaining wall – Sprain and strain injuries to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine of two ________.
Allegheny County, PA (187904)
$________ GROSS VERDICT REDUCED BY 20% COMPARATIVE NEGLIGENCE Transit Authority Liability – Failure of Transit Authority to inspect and maintain station – ________ shoe heel gets caught in 2x2” hole and causes fall – Comminuted fractures in area of knee.
Queens County, NY (186977)
$________ RECOVERY Bus Negligence – Bus passenger falls onto ________ on an overcrowded bus when the bus suddenly lurches forward – Failure to properly operate and control bus – Aggravation of preexisting cervical injury.
Allegheny County, PA (186993)
$________ VERDICT Transit Authority Liability – Failure of transit authority to make adequate observations before closing subway door – 79-year-old ________ is knocked down by closing door – Hip fracture.
New York County, NY (187080)
$________ VERDICT Transit Authority Liability – ________ cab driver contends he was sideswiped by NYC Transit Authority box truck while stopped next to curb – Partial avulsion of four lower front teeth – Implants – Infection dictates removal of implants – ________ currently using temporary prosthetic device.
New York County, NY (187081)
L.A. Superior Court (187233)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Transit Authority Liability – ________ falls on platform while exiting train – Fractured skull – Frontal lobe contusion – Exacerbation of cervical disc herniation.
Suffolk County, MA (187321)
________ VERDICT Transit Authority Liability – ________ subway patron allegedly trips and falls on a broken area of subway station floor – Comminuted fracture of the left knee – Semi Patellectomy.
Kings County, NY (186139)
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