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________ VERDICT Government negligence - Alleged failure of city to remove metal piece of stop sign from ground - Trip and fall - Hip fracture to elderly ________.
Miami-Dade County (146894)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - County allegedly violates state statute by changing tax collector's compensation after election - Claimed unauthorized reduction in compensation.
Butler County (143061)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Government liability - Dangerous city civic center parking lot - Trip and fall over parking bumper - Dangerous location of bumper - Inadequate lighting - Humerus fracture with surgery - 10% comparative negligence found.
Broward County (143239)
________ VERDICT Government liability - Alleged negligent operation of police vehicle - ________ car struck in oncoming lane - Torn meniscus.
Miami-Dade County (143240)
________ VERDICT Government liability - ________ car struck by stolen police vehicle - Alleged failure to secure suspect in back seat of police car - Claimed cervical and lumbar disc herniations.
Miami-Dade County (143035)
________ VERDICT Government liability - Alleged failure to maintain city sidewalk - Claimed slip and fall in wet, slippery depression - Torn rotator cuff - Liability only.
Miami-Dade County (143036)
________ VERDICT ON BENCH TRIAL Premises liability - Trip and fall over fallen sign - Governmental liability - Cervical and lumbar sprain/strain.
Hartford County, Connecticut (142775)
$________ for ________ - Government Negligence - The city's bulldozer damaged a neighboring property while demolishing a vacant building
Lake, Superior (167173)
$________ VERDICT Government liability - Negligent operation of sheriff's vehicle - Failure to stop for stop sign - Aggravation of preexisting back condition - 40% comparative negligence found.
Highlands County (142835)
UNDISCLOSED RECOVERY Governmental liability Negligent operation of police vehicle Failure to use emergency lights and siren Excessive speed Intersection collision Wrongful death.
Collier County (142669)