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$________ GROSS VERDICT Maritime law - Unsafe condition aboard cruise ship - Slip and fall on slippery deck - Rotator cuff tear - Biceps tendon tear - 80% comparative negligence found.
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida (64312)
________ verdict on liability - Cruise Ship Negligence - A passenger on a cruise ship was injured because of the purportedly negligent placement of a ramp on the vessel
Florida Southern - Ft. Lauderdale (146235)
________ verdict on liability - Cruise Ship Negligence - A man with a diabetic ulcer on his foot alleged it became infected by raw sewage which flowed from the toilet of his cruise ship room
Florida Southern - Miami (146191)
________ VERDICT Admiralty law - Fall while boarding cruise ship from smaller tender - Tender strikes ship - Hip fracture with surgery.
Broward County (50810)
________ VERDICT Jones Act negligence - Claimed unseaworthy condition aboard cruise ship - ________ shocked by electrical cable to carpet cleaner - Post-traumatic stress disorder.
Miami-Dade County (50020)
________ VERDICT Admiralty law - Alleged negligent operation of cruise ship ferry - Wake causes ________ in smaller boat to fall - Liability only.
Pasco County (48460)
$________ for ________ less 80% comparative fault - Cruise Ship Negligence - A cruise ship passenger slipped on a wet deck (near the pool) and sustained a shoulder injury
Florida Southern - Fort Lauderdale (145146)
________ verdict - Cruise Ship Negligence - In a test case of a class action, four ________ on a cruise ship that suffered a very rough voyage, alleged negligence by the cruise line in making the trip when the seas were known to be rough - it was suggested the cruise line was eager to depart so that the vessel could be used for filming in an episode of the television program, The Apprentice
Florida Southern - Miami (145045)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Admiralty law - Slip and fall on cruise ship - Alleged wet floor - ________ claimed she was struck by spa attendant - Ankle fracture - 99% comparative negligence found.
U.S. District Court, Southern district of Florida (47946)
$________ for ________ - Cruise Line Negligence - A cruise ship passenger suffered a broken wrist when she slipped and fell in vomit
Florida Southern - Fort Lauderdale (144929)
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