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$________ RECOVERY School Liability – Minor injured in a school sponsored soccer game – Negligently placing minor in a foreseeable risk of harm – Left patella fracture – Extreme fear of reinjuring knee – Emotional distress.
Bucks County, PA (195429)
$________ RECOVERY DOJ – Discrimination – Montessori school disenrolls child for medical disability – Violation of ADA
U.S. District Court, Eastern District, Wisconsin (195280)
RECOVERY – Discrimination – DOJ – ADA – MOOC accused of failing to adequately accommodate disabled students – Alleged violation of ADA.
U.S. District Court, Massachusetts (195306)
$________ RECOVERY School Liability – Preschool Negligence – Minor ________ hand closed in gate when students were left unattended out in yard of ________ preschool – Failure to properly supervise children – Avulsion fractures and laceration to fingers
Harris County, TX (194984)
________ VERDICT Alleged negligent school board supervision – Fall from playground equipment – Arm fracture to minor ________
Palm Beach County, FL (194777)
________ VERDICT Eighth Grade member of wrestling team contends mat used during meet at visiting school is defective and that three piece mat is not properly taped, exposing gymnasium floor – Arm injury when elbow strikes floor – Liability only
Nassau County, NY (194912)
$________ RECOVERY – School Liability – Physical Education Negligence - ________ gym teacher insists on pregnant 17-year-old in second trimester to participate in activities, despite request by student that she be excused from gym class – Fall Down - Mother falls after being tagged during touch football – Labor five days later and premature delivery.
Richmond County, NY (195122)
$________ VERDICT ________ school district fails to conduct evaluation, when assailant, who was expelled for threatening violent behavior, is permitted to return after five- day outpatient treatment in April, ________ – Assailant stabs ________ in Oct, ________ – PTSD
King County, WA (194809)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY School Liability – Negligent Supervision – Student athlete was directed to operate motorized cart which collided with decedent student – Decedent was run over by the cart – Wrongful death of 15-year-old student athlete
Confidential County, NC (194577)
$________ RECOVERY ________ automobile driver struck in rear by ________ school bus driver – Cervical herniation necessitating discectomy and fusion – Epicondritis to non-dominant elbow essentially resolves with surgery
Queens County, NY (194672)