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Zarin's database contains over 195,000 professional case evaluations reported in our Jury Verdict Review & Analysis publications since 1980. Each is a complete, detailed article including all pertinent trial and reference information. All case evaluations reported are obtained through direct interviews with the attorneys involved. The Zarin's database of civil cases provides the legal researcher with comparable liability and damages fact patterns as well as the ability to trace expert testimony and compile case analysis of effective proofs and strategies used by both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

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Medical Malpractice 3946
Wrongful Death 3226
Slip and Fall 3175
Motor Vehicle Negligence 2476
Fractures 2391
Rear End Collision 1802
Emotional Distress 1661
Comparative Negligence 1637
Premises Liability 1571
Infection 1469
Disc Herniations 1439
Products Liability 1398
Scarring 1312
Truck & Tractor-Trailer Negligence 1291
Depression 1289
Radiculopathy 1276
Concussion 1270
Punitive Damages 1247
Asbestos 1234
Lacerations 1232
Civil Rights 1232
Dental/Oral Injuries 1228
Meniscus Injury 1215
UM/UIM (Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist) 1187
Contract Fraud 1152
Employment 1148
Bar / Tavern / Nightclub Security Negligence 1133
TMJ Dysfunction 1129
Bailment 1106
Sexual Harassment 1093
Racial Discrimination 1087
ACL Injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) 1086
Podiatric Injuries 1081
Hospitality Industry Negligence 1068
Aggravation of Preexisting Condition 1056
Rotator Cuff Injury 1056
Gall Bladder 1050
Cervical Soft Tissue Injury 1047
Cognitive Deficit 1029
Explosion 1002
Tort Claims 1002
OSHA 999
Osteomyelitis 994
Education Liability 990
Sensory Loss 986
Design Defect 968
Lung Cancer 963
Trip and Fall 959
Wrongful Death of Child (Minor) 955
Loss of Tooth 952

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